Sony PSN Outage: Thoughts on Hirai’s letter

The good news in Sony Entertainment President Hirai’s letter to Congress is that it clarifies the chronology and the known extent of the damage due to the PSN Outage.

The bad news is that it is a bit of a “white wash.”  First, it claims a highly sophisticated team executing a well prepared plan is what compromised PSN and other Sony networks.  This contradicts some of the known facts.  If Sony allowed no adequate firewall and an unpatched web server to be on its network, then any kiddie hacker could break in and use standard hacking techniques to cover up actions.  The simultaneous Denial of Service attack as a diversion is only a little novel, and the letter pretending to be from the group Anonymous (they have denied any participation) is cute but not conclusive of anything.  Hirai’-san refused to divulge additional technical detail.

As a damning inditement on Cloud Computing, I don’t see it.  As mentioned before, PSN is not a Cloud Computing network, and certainly was not managed with the care that a reasonable Cloud Computing vendor would take.  I’d consider Amazon as a Cloud Computing vendor, but never Sony.



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