Green Policy

Whereas government policy does not generate energy, it can dramatically affect energy consumption.  It can also affect environmental issues such as pollution, carbon emissions, and global warming.  It seems clear to me that the world needs such policies for the common good.

For example, tax rebates for energy saving measures on homes and commercial buildings, taxes on energy consumption directly, and even brute force local induced brown outs and black outs to protect electrical grids from large scale blackouts.

Government policy can also affect what type of energy is produced.  We haven’t built any new hydro-electric dams in the United States for years.   The ecological damage to river fauna was judged to be too great.  After the Three Mile Island accident, no new nuclear plants have been built in the US.  On the other hand, public opinion seems to vacillate and other factors influence the US nuclear policies.

There was an article May 9 in Nation magazine that China is reconsidering nuclear.  They had 17 existing reactors and had started construction of 27 additional ones with another 52 on the drawing boards.  After Fukashima, these new reactors have been put on hold waiting for additional safety analysis.

Governments can also affect Green Energy by legislating a reduction of carbon emissions, which pretty well forces a reduction of the use of non-renewable fuels as forcing the use of energy source such as wind and solar.  China in fact has done this, demanding a 17% reduction in carbon emissions form 2010 to 2015, and vastly increasing its wind and solar installations.

It seems to me that Governments around the world must urgently create strong policies to promote Green Energy; otherwise, its benefits will be postponed and damage to the ecology and to the world’s economies will occur.



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