Another Amazon Outage

Amazon claims that their cloud computing expertise came from running their successful web sales site   Enter, from stage far left, Lady Gaga.  Her new CD gets priced on Amazon for only 99 cents, and for one day only.  Well this turned out to be so popular that the high volume rendered as effectively crashed and inoperative.  In other words, Lady Gaga’s CD sales generated a volume that exceeded the expansion capacity of

So what is the moral of this story?  The moral is NOT that high volume can exceed the capacity of a site.  We’ve known that for years.  The moral is also NOT that Amazon should have had more capacity.

The moral is that Cloud vendors need to be able to wall off the expansion capacity of one virtual system in such a way that other virtual users of that Cloud  can still function when the first overloads.  Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) should address this.



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