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Six Windows Utilities – nice article


Lloyd Case wrote a nice PC World article “Six awesome built-in Windows utilities no one knows about” dated Dec 4, 2012 3:30 AM.  Here is a link .  The word “awesome” is an exaggeration, but it is good to have them pointed out to us non-Windows experts.  Five of the six utilities work in Windows 7, and perhaps they work better in Windows 8 (I only have W7.) They are:

  1. Reliability report: type “reliability” in the search/command window.
  2. Direct X Diagnostics: type “dxdiag” in the search/command window.
  3. Display Calibration: type “calibrate” in the search/command window.  Works with two displays. Some video cards come with a similar utility.
  4. Record Steps: type “steps” in the search/command window.  Click on the record button in the pop-up window.  Article recommends a more sophisticated capture tool, Camtasia, but I haven’t tried that.  This works ok.  It creates a zip file that you can save, open, and edit.
  5. Schedule jobs: type “schedule” in the search/command window. The resulting window gives lots of options with which to submit batch or scheduled jobs.
  6. Hyper-V.  Needs to be turned on in the Control Panel, but my W7 OS did not have it.  The idea would be to run virtual machines and your choice of OS on the VM.

This article also has a lot of negative reader comments on Windows 8.  I haven’t tried W8, but my recommendation is always to stay with the older OS as long as possible, upgrading it with Service Packs when available.