JSON – JavaScript Object Notation

For reasons that are inexplicable to me, JSON is not a subset of JavaScript. The reason is a few weird non-escaped characters. Cf. RFC 7159. JSON is a language independent data format. A formal definition and parsing libraries for various programming languages can be found on JSON.org. Briefly JSON’s data types are:

  • Number – a signed decimal number with optional fractional part and optional exponent E part. JSON numbers are typically implemented as double precision floating point numbers.
  • String – zero or more Unicode characters bracketed by double quotes. A backslash is the escape character.
  • Boolean – true or false
  • Array – ordered list of zero or more values of any JSON type, delimited by square brackets, and separated by commas.
  • Null – an empty value null.
  • Object – an unordered set of comma separated name:value pairs delimited by braces. It is recommended that the names be unique Strings in order to implement associative arrays.

JSON values are: number, string, array, object, true, false, and null. Whitespace characters are: space, tab, line feed and carriage return. Whitespace can be used around and between values and punctuation.

Recent identity management standards (but not SAML) use JSON to encode

  • JWT tokens
  • JWK keys
  • JWE encryption
  • JWA algorithms
  • JWS signatures

Subtle points: JSON doesn’t distinguish various implementations of Number, e.g. support for signed zeros, under and over-flows, integers, etc. There is no support for JavaScript data types of Date, Error, Regular Expression, Function, and undefined (other than null.) Even being careful with escapes, so that even though properly escaped JSON values are JavaScript values, the use of eval() is not recommended. Use JSON.parse() instead of eval().

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