This blog is an experiment – as draft as a draft can be.  I’m learning WordPress as I go.   All suggestions are welcome!

I’ll be organizing these notes by type (Category) of technology.  My plan is to have one Page for every Category to introduce that Category.   Please read these Pages first, before diving into the Posts.

Posts will be more like news or timely thoughts.  Most posts will belong to one or more categories, with “General” as the default category.  You can select only posts in a category by clicking the category name in the right hand column.  Posts are displayed backwards in time with the most recent post first.  This means that you might have to read further down to get the full context.

My curiosity, especially about technology, is insatiable, and I often write detailed notes about the things I learn or figure out.  My friends often ask me to publish them, but my notes aren’t really publishable papers.  Perhaps they are appropriate for a blog.  I’d appreciate your comments.

My professional profile is on LinkedIn.  Please mention this blog when you connect to me there.  I’m also on Facebook, but I reserve that mostly for swimming, which I took up a few years ago after a C3-C4 disc replacement ruled out contact sports.  Maybe I’ll blog about that cool medical technology as well.



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