Windows 10

The free Windows 10 upgrade ended July 29, 2016. Of course I waited until almost the last minute, partially out of procrastination, and partially out of hope that a few more Windows 10 bugs would be fixed, and hope that the upgrade process itself would work. Of course Microsoft never fails to disappoint, and both hopes were dashed.

As usual when I deploy new technology, I take notes. Now, I never planned to do a blog series on Windows 10. Microsoft gets enough publicity. My notes therefore turned out to be a long single document with a topic for every curse word that came out of my office. To be fair, not all of these words were due to the OS; applications that had trouble in the new OS environment generated quite a few problems.

One thing I noticed over the months I struggled with the upgrade of two Windows 7 PCs, was that good information was hard to find on the Internet. This will surely improve over time. Now that 2017 is upon us, I’ve decided to publish my notes as follows. If I can find a good solution on the Internet to a problem I solved, then I won’t publish my solution, I’ll just reference the good solution. We’ll see how that goes. In WordPress you can back date your posts. With the annoying feature of Windows 10 upgrading itself without your permission, I can’t tell if a new version of Windows 10 doesn’t have the problem that I solved. By backdating my posts I hope to avoid addressing a problem that no longer exists. We’ll see.


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