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Thin Phones


I got a new Samsung Galaxy S II.  It is an industrial engineering marvel.  It is modestly thin (about 3/8 inch) and about 2 3/4 inches wide and a little over 5 inches tall.  The LCD screen takes up almost all of the area.

I was dazzled by the resolution, the colors, and the features.  This was a phone to show off and be proud of.  I played and played with it initially, and slipped it into my pants side pocket with the greatest of pride.


OK, let’s engage brain.  A long, thin piece of glass with delicate electronics beneath it.  In a pocket where sitting down would likely put a little, if not a lot, of torque on this gorgeous piece of thinness.  Of course it cracked!

Now I could complain and blame Samsung for a not very robust design, but really, whose fault was it? Mine!  It was almost as bad as putting a cell phone in a shirt pocket and bending over to let it fall to its death.

Fortunately I had purchased insurance.  Unfortunately the deductible was $100.  Even more unfortunately, you don’t get a new phone you get a rebuilt one.  To be honest, I can’t tell the difference; however, out of the box it needed an upgrade for the OS (it’s now at Android 2.3.6, build Gingerbread EL 29), an upgrade for the firmware, and and an upgrade to Sprint’s current Preferred Roaming List (PRN).

Let me be clear.  If you buy one of these long, thin, expensive beauties, BUY THE INSURANCE!

Also, the guy at the Sprint store also recommended a stiff case.  He recommended against those rubbery ones that are supposed to protect against shocks when you drop your phone.  The one I bought comes in two pieces, a stiff backing and a stiff cover with a clip to clip the assemble on a belt or whatever.  Now my vanity usually prevents me from using the cover and belt clip.  It is too bulky in my pocket and I look like a dork (I am one, but I don’t like to look the part) with the phone clipped to my belt.

I’ve got some protective thin plastic covers to protect the screen when I put the phone in my pocket.  They work, but don’t last too long.  Somehow I feel like my pant pocket is safer than my shirt pocket.  I’ve dropped a lot of phones from the latter.  I try to slide the phone into my pocket with the screen against the cloth of the pocket.  Seems to work.


P.S. I see a lot of girls slip their cell phone in their hip pants pocket. In general I think this is not terribly smart.  How many cell phones get sat on?  For the thin phones, even bending over could be bad.